Congreso Nacional e Internacional de SALUD PÚBLICA y SOCIEDAD 2021

Dr. Nijdam-Jones recently took part in an international symposium with Drs. Karin Arbach, Lucia Barbonia, Ezequiel Mercurio, and Antonella Bobbio on the topic of Criminology and Mental Health, presented at the Public Health Congress at the National University of Cordoba in Argentina Dr. Nijdam-Jones participó en un simposio internacional con los Dres. Karin Arbach, LuciaContinue reading “Congreso Nacional e Internacional de SALUD PÚBLICA y SOCIEDAD 2021”

Introducing the Cross-Cultural Forensic Psychology Lab

We are proud to announce the creation of the Cross-Cultural Forensic Psychology (CCFP) Lab. As our lab grows, we will add new content to this website to update readers on who is involved in our lab, the projects we are doing, and to share CCFP Cheers and announce the exciting accomplishments of our lab members.Continue reading “Introducing the Cross-Cultural Forensic Psychology Lab”